Wednesday, April 20, 2011

All the cool kids are doing it!

So, it seems like everyone I am going to China with has a blog. So this, being a case of peer pressure, is my blog! Ok, ok no peer pressure but I felt left out and it would be a good way for you to see what I'm doing. So starting out here is a schedule of our China trip.

China Schedule
June 5th - Good Bye USA!! Hello Canada!! (note the 12+ hour flight of death)
June 6th - Hello China!! Arrive in Beijing!! (probably about the time I'll be missing the hubby && puppy )
June 7th - Fly (stuck in a plane again )from Beijing to Changsha, take bus to Chenzhou!!
June 8th-12th - Working in the orphanage <3 (this is probably about the time I'll be emailing the hubby begging to adopt a baby)!!
June 13th - take bus to Changsha, fly (once again) to Beijing!!
June 14th - visit the Forbidden City and shopping YAY!!
June 15th - visit the Great wall!!
June 16th - visit Shepherds Field- This is where I meet up with the speech pathologist and performing hearing screens!!
June 17th - fly home ( again about 12+ hour flight, oh joy.)

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