Tuesday, August 23, 2011

College Vs China

So it’s the last week of summer break. Sure there is something exciting about the start of a new semester. But I like my summers. And school has too many stresses.

Concerns about papers what are due. Paying for books I can't afford. Arriving early, only to find out the parking lot is full, and then having to walk a mile to class. Oh tuition, that’s a fun one that keeps going up and up. And then there’s the struggle to find time to work, study, spend time with my family, and occasionally sleep.


I know all these troubles are going to pay off in the long run. Every week my Dad reminds me that this will pay off and one day I’ll have a career. A career that will allow me to support my family, and also help better the lives of others. Waking up every morning and serving coffees and dealing with issues only to be compensated by a small minute paycheck, only help to reinforce the fact that my dad is right.

Honestly I don’t really care for school, but I know that going will help to positively shape my future in to something great.

Ahh China.

There is something so bittersweet about that place. I look forward to going yet getting there has too many stresses.

I like a variety of food, and my water ice cold. In the summer I like my AC to stay on all night and my bed a little soft. I don’t like having to communicate with gestures and awkward made up sign language. I don’t like walking a mile in the 100% humidity on the unpaved roads of death. Oh and there there’s the cost of getting there, which is about 30% of my income.


I know all of the troubles will pay off in the long run. Everyday my heavenly Father reminds me that all the stresses preparing and time dedicating to helping the people of China is worth it. Through these “stresses” God shows me that relying on him is the one thing I need to focus on. If He has called me to go, I MUST GO. No matter how out of reach it seems, anything is possible with God. He is teaching me to Leave my comfort zone and go into the world, and show the love of Christ to people who have yet to hear it.

Honestly college and China…. I don’t really care for either.

But my dad has told me to go to college….so I must listen and obey.

And my Father has told me to go back to China….so I will listen and obey.

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  1. You truely have a servants heart I think its such an admirable thing <3