Monday, November 14, 2011

Day 1- Welcome to Tecate

So we just arrived in Tecate, Mexico. It was a long trip, we left at 7:30am and arrive at 5:45, the delay was mostly from the traffic we encountered in San Diego because the chargers had their first Thursday game. Then we were home, or at least what we would call home for the next few days. The area is set back off the road on a little hill. Up the hill are some crosses and benches to do bible study. Once we arrived we were greeted by Ken, who seemes to run casabuilders and this sweet old man who was on crutches i cant remeber his name, but he is the sweetest!! Then had a tour of the visitors center.
There is one big kitchen/mess hall, 4 bedrooms for the girls and four for the boys, bathrooms and wash rooms were in the middle of the two. Mom
And I roomed with Anna in room #4. Best thing is the matresses are comfy!! :) We unpacked our stuff and went to get dinner. Dinner was Dumas tacos...maybe the best part of the trip lol but seriously delicious!! I ate 6 tacos amd probably could have had a few more but I am a big girl. After dinner we played the largest game of UNO ever which turned into a battle of the sexes catch phrase. Hate to admit but the fellas one both rounds. I must say we have quite the team. God has blessed us!


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Location:Tecate, Mexico

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