Monday, November 14, 2011

Day 2

Wake up 6:00am with kitchen duty. On the menu: sausage, bacon, eggs and hashbrowns. Wonderful bible study led by Ken (Deu. 6:5-9, Ps 25:14, Mark 4:1) Then we spent the day reorganizing and cleaning the kitchen after some mice had a field day in there. While getting the napkin area clean we found; Gus Gus, Moses, and Aaron. :) super cute right?!? At lunch we were told the children would be coming early......a day early! So we rushed to get everything clean and set for them. We severed them lunch and had a great time playing games with them, painting nails, a few Rounds of baseball, cards, and coloring books. We even got a few renditions of Feliz Navidad. Then back to work. Nailing Sheetrock and puttying the nails. Then it was kitchen duty again to make dinner. On the menu: lasagna, spaghetti, salad, bread, cake and pie. We had a HUGE piñata for the kids. We stiffed it so full of candy we had to tie the rope around the whole thing and it took 3 men to carry it. The kids has a blast! They loved it!! They even had a piñata song too. Cold shower time. Well hot shower then cold shower then hot and cold and cold again. Very bipolar water here. Had a great talk with Charlie and Terri, what an amazing god freeing couple.. Very much an inspiration and role model. I can't wait to talk more with them. :) ok night night.

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