Friday, July 8, 2011

just let me rant

Conversation at work today (names have been changed to save the identity of the stupid. keep in mind the customer is a little overweight, a smoker, and is allergic to dairy)

barista # 1: Hey how are you?

customer: feeling like s#*+. the doctor put me on heavy antibiotics to get rid of this cough but its not working, the doctor has no idea whats wrong. I even broke a rib from coughing so hard.

barista # 1: wow i'm sorry, so are you getting your soy frapp a grande or a venti today?

customer: venti, i need something to take with me to drink during my weight watchers meeting. it sucks i'm not losing weight because I can't work out,and i need to lose some weight. I don't even eat anything, (pause) well i do eat. but i can't lose any weight because i cant work out.

barista # 2: oh, ok so do you not want me to put any whipped cream on it?

barista # 3: Yea, whipped cream is probably like 60 points. haha.

customer: no, give me the whipped cream.

umm do i really have to be the one to say it? i know i have bad habits and i'm overweight, but i try to make conscious decisions on what i eat and if i want to splurge on something i make sure its in moderation and a smaller size. i'm pretty sure her antibiotics for her cough are not working properly because she keeps filling her lungs with smoke. I know there could be some other underlying condition, but i'm pretty sure the smoking isn't helping with her cough. why do people complain about all these issues with their health but then do nothing to fix it. she could have easily gotten her frapp a light, or a smaller size, or with out whipped cream, especially since milk makes her sick, and we use very heavy milk to make our whipped cream. she is a nice lady, but sometimes i want to jump over the counter and shaker her, and yell take care of yourself!!!

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