Saturday, July 9, 2011

little accomplishments

So at work we have these new refresher drinks that have berries and lime wheels in them. so now we have two more containers to fit in our tiny counter.

I came up with the brilliant idea of stacking them on top of each other to save some space. so i took an empty plexi that holds straws

and had the brilliant idea to cut off one of the side to make a little cubicle to fit one of the containers under and one on top.

i got most of the side cut out, you can see the part that didn't cooperate. so i set up my little shelf only to realize that i could have just laid the stupid cube on its side and it would have done the exact same thing i was going for

let me remind you no one else thought of that at the time either. i felt pretty blond after that moment. i think its time to get the dye.

the end product!! :) yay for my little accomplishment :)

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